Youth Culture & Knowledge Exchange offers short term and long term volunteers projects in abroad. The volunteer programmes are web development, web design, graphic design, software testing, translation, members support and more. Most importantly, people of all ages and skill levels have an opportunity to help establish mutual understanding between people of diverse cultures.

Volunteers from all over Europe and the World come together and live together in harmony. This enables both foreign and local volunteers to share life experiences and then to interact with the beneficiary communities.

They will carry out tasks in common as one people regardless of colour, gender, social, religious, disability/ability., political and educational background. Normally, they spend 6-8 hours a day with the community members working on both skilled and unskilled work


Engaging volunteers in a primarily virtual environment presents some challenges that require a charismatic and engaging personality to overcome a perceived lack of physical interaction.


  • They will get the chance of learning both local and foreign cultures to understand the difference between various cultural types.
  • It affords them the opportunity to make new friends and re-unite with old ones.
  • It prepares them to face the challenges of life and helps to make them responsible person in a society.
  • The opportunity to travel throughout host country and exchange their cultural experiences.
  • They will get the opportunity to learn something very new in their lives by sharing experiences with fellow volunteers from all over Europe and the World and the beneficiary community.