Peer to Peer Sports Exchange Programme is a platform created for young people who are passionate in sports and want to practice or participate in any city around Europe and the world.

The programme offer participant the opportunity to interact with the sports club and learn about each other, as well as to acquire individual skills.

Predeparture training and basic knowledge of the sport will be given by the sending organisation.

We believe sports have power to inspire and unify people around common interests and goals, overcoming politics, cultural differences, economic disparities, language barrier and other challenges.  Sports develop leadership, teamwork, tolerance, and communication skills that help young people succeed throughout their lives.

Purpose and Background 

Sports Exchange has emerged as an integral part of efforts to build ever-strengthening relations between the Europe and other nations. Sports Exchange uses the universal passion for sports to transcend linguistic and sociocultural differences and bring people together. Participation in sports teaches leadership, teamwork, and communication skills that help young people succeed in all areas of their lives. 

Peer to peer sports exchange build and promote values of inclusion and open opportunities for people to contribute fully to society and create opportunities to establish the trust needed to build a more stable, secure, and prosperous world. 

Sports used as a tool to increases dialogue and cultural understanding between young peoples. Participants are immersed in culture while establishing links with sports professionals and peers. In turn, hosts learn about other cultures and the challenges young people from other countries. 

Programmes play a role in promoting more stable and inclusive communities, and as an alternative to anti-social behaviour. The goals include the importance of leadership, collaboration, healthy living, and self-discipline to demonstrate to promote positive outcomes in a community. 


Building a healthy society and promote international understanding and friendship.


Participants will get the chance to learn both local and foreign cultures and to understand the difference between various cultural norms.

It affords them the opportunity to make new friends in a learning and social environment.

It prepares them to face the challenges of life and helps them to become a responsible person in society.

To learn something very new in their lives by sharing experiences with the hosting sport club.

Minimum Entry Requirements

The candidates should meet the following criteria: 

Must be 18 – 30 Years old in two separate blocks (18-25, 25-30)

Committed to join full programme

Able to adapt to a new environment easily