Youth Culture & Knowledge Exchange immersion Programmes are specially designed to combine a fantastic school holiday with a language learning experience. This is an excellent opportunity to give students a step ahead developing knowledge of different cultures and languages while experience Irish cultural and lifestyle in Ireland. The programme focuses on improving participants English language skills, reading, writing, speaking, and listening.


Our social programme designed to keep the students’ cheerful and inspired.  Participants will take part in sports activities including Irish sports (Gaelic football and Hurling). Trips will be organized to visit iconic place, museums, historic sites and the tour to visit some of tourist attractions in Ireland.


  • It will enable them to have enough confidence to accomplish most of their everyday situations.
  • It will give the opportunity to travel throughout the island of Ireland and experience Irish cultural activities.
  • It will provide the opportunity to learn something very new in their lives by sharing experiences with fellow participants and host family.
  • It this will be an exceptional and educational trip that the student will always remember.