About YCKE

Youth Culture & Knowledge Exchange is an educational, interactive and exchange programme for youths across Europe and around the world. It promotes cultural diversity, friendship, leadership and education.


Promoting and encouraging youth coming from a disadvantaged backgrounds across Europe to act upon their human and civil rights, to appreciate their own cultural backgrounds and the cultures of others to become active citizens in an environment of peace and harmony.


Participants will get the opportunity to learn about local and other cultures through immersion programmes in languages, music, visual arts and sports

It affords them the opportunity to make new friends in a learning and social environment

It prepares them to face the challenges of life and helps them to become responsible persons and active citizens in democratic societies

Gives the opportunity to travel throughout the island of Ireland and experience Irish cultural activities including experiencing UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage and Dublin UNESCO City of Literature activities

Provides the opportunity to gain knowledge of something very new in their lives through 'learning through sharing' activities with fellow participants from all over Europe